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Ricardo Anselmo Malinovski

Director of Expoforest and Executive Director of Malinovski


Expoforest: our fair

Brazil has almost 10 million hectares of forests planted for commercial purposes. The majority It consists of two main genres, eucalyptus and pine. The planted forests in our country are the most productive in the world and supply the pulp and paper industries, reconstituted panels, steel, mechanically processed wood products and many others.

In recent years, this entire industry has attracted significant international investment to the sector. Forest-based companies that already operate here have also announced expansions of their industries and forests. New possibilities for the use of wood derivatives give rise, every day, to bioproducts originating from cultivated forests.

In Curitiba, in 1977, my father, Jorge Malinovski , who has always been an enthusiast of forest harvesting in Brazil, organized the first Seminar on Harvesting and Transporting Wood. After that, other editions came, attracting more and more public and also companies from the sector.

The event has grown over the years and in 2008 Expoforest , the Brazilian Forestry Fair, was born within this context. Modern and innovative even at that time, it brought together in the capital of Paraná professionals and companies that believed in and played a leading role in the planted forest sector.

In the second edition, in 2011, an exponential leap in the organization and promotion of the fair turned it into the first and only dynamic forestry fair in Latin America, with practical and field demonstrations of the most modern solutions for planting, handling, harvesting and transporting wood. Since then, Expoforest has become the main event for launching technologies aimed at the production of wood from planted forests on the world market.

The 2011 and 2014 editions took place in Mogi Guaçu, São Paulo, within a clonal eucalyptus forest belonging to International Paper , current Sylvamo . In 2018, also in partnership with Sylvamo , Expoforest was held in Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, near Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo. The Brazilian Forestry Fair brought together 240 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors, surpassing expectations and placing Brazil in a prominent position on the world map of large sectoral and dynamic fairs.

With each edition, the fair evolves bringing different interactions with the public and exhibitors. We noticed that big brands take advantage of Expoforest to launch new solutions for the forest sector worldwide. The fair is really a showcase for the market. Professionals from all over the world come to Brazil to participate in the experience that is Expoforest . They look for innovations that make the sector more productive and sustainable at the same time.

The fifth edition will take place from August 9 to 11, 2023, in the municipality of Guatapará, about 40 kilometers from Ribeirão Preto. Once again, the fair will be inside a eucalyptus plantation area belonging to Sylvamo , Expoforest's master supporter .

The total area of the fair is over 200 hectares and has already been demarcated. As is traditional in Expoforest editions , the fair will be divided into two parts: the static one, with 7.5 hectares and 1 kilometer in length; and dynamic, with 3.7 kilometers of trails and 150 hectares. The total space also includes two parking lots, one measuring 6 hectares and the other measuring 2 hectares. The expectation is that the largest dynamic forestry fair in the world will receive more than 30,000 visitors again in 2023.

In addition to the fair, the Brazilian Forestry Week program includes two technical events that will take place in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo: the nineteenth Seminar on Updating Systems for Wood Harvesting and Forestry Transport, a traditional and oldest technical event in the sector; and the fifth Brazilian Silviculture Meeting, co-organized by Embrapa Florestas .

In short, it will be a whole week of what for us, at Malinovski , is our reason for existing: promoting debate at a high level, bringing together the best professionals in the world and companies that believe in our sector and that take advantage of Expoforest to launch news worldwide.

We look forward to seeing you at Expoforest and the Brazilian Forestry Week.